Automatic translation PrestaShop catalog via Google Translate

99,00 € 


The module is used to automatically translate PrestaShop catalog content by Google Translate API.

  • Compatibility: PrestaShop 1.6.x
  • Multistore support: yes
  • Languages available: english, slovak, czech
  • Installation guide: yes
  • Platform: PrestaShop
  • Manufacturer: Caleydon s.r.o.

Google Translate service enables automatic text translations in over 80 languages. The module provides translations of categories, products, images, attributes groups and attributes. Google Translate API is a paid service (20 USD per million characters)

Module features

  • compatibility: PrestaShop 1.6.x
  • products translation into the selected language
  • products images translation into the selected language
  • categories translation into the selected language
  • attribute groups translation into the selected language
  • attributes translation into the selected language
  • selection of the translation range
  • suitable for a hudge number of products
  • quick installation
  • easy setup
  • languages available for the module: Slovak, Czech and English
  • Google provides free 300 USD credit when you open cloud account = 15 mil. translated characters for free

The steps of the implementation of Google Translate

  1. Set your browser's address to
  2. Login using your Google account or create a new Google Account
  3. Click on "Try it for free"
    Image: Click on Try it for free
  4. Fill out basic information - you get 300 USD bonus for translations
    Image: Fill out basic information - you get 300 USD bonus for translations
  5. Fill out the payment details - the card will not be drawn (up to 60 days, and only after the approval of the bonus payments)
    Image: Fill out the payment details
  6. Create a new project
    Image: Create a new project
  7. Create API key on the Credentials page - the "Browser key or API key" will be needed to set the module
    Image: Create API key on the Credentials page
  8. Enable the Translate API
    Image: Enable the Translate API
  9. Install, set up and test the module in your PrestaShop.
  10. The module is ready for operation, now.
  11. If the module is not working properly, please contact us.

Installation and module testing

  1. Upload directory "catalogtranslate" to /modules/ directory using FTP, or use the module upload tool in Back Office » Modules to upload module package.
  2. Install the module: Back Office » Modules
  3. It is possible to translate from and into the languages that you have set in Localization » Languages (Google supports more than 80 languages.) For proper functionality you must have entered the language setting correctly - ISO code
  4. Go to the settings module to enter the data as follows:
    1. Google API key
    2. Source language
    3. Destination language
    4. Start Product ID - from which product the translation will start
    5. The end product ID - translation end product
  5. When translating, first check the number of characters that is going to be translated. The daily limit for Google Translate API is 2 million characters. It is good that you do not exceed the daily limit.
  6. To translate, click on "Run translation"
  7. In case of the problem, first check the data entered in the module settings (API key, etc). If the problem persists, contact the author of the module.

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