CM Canonical for PrestaShop 1.4.x (module)

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Improve SEO by adding Canonical meta-tag into PrestaShop duplicated pages of your e-shop.

Module added canonical meta-tag into PrestaShop pages:

  • product categories
  • new products
  • best sales products
  • price drop products

  • Compatibility: PrestaShop 1.4.x
  • Multistore support: no
  • Languages available: english, slovak, czech
  • Installation guide: yes
  • Module version: 1.1
  • Platform: PrestaShop
  • Manufacturer: Caleydon s.r.o.

What is Canonical URL?

Canonical URL's provide imroved indexing pages and page content your website. They rapidly reduced pages with duplicated content but with various URL's. For example it's a pages which are using adding a various parameters into URL address in order to change way displaying their content.

An good example is a category page with sorting options based on availability, product's name, price etc. You can find various shape of URL:

  • http://..../en/2-ipod
  • http://..../en/2-ipod?orderby=price&orderway=desc
  • http://..../en/2-ipod?orderby=price&orderway=asc
  • http://..../en/2-ipod?orderby=name&orderway=desc
  • http://..../en/2-ipod?orderby=quantity&orderway=desc

The fact is that it is the same category page:

  • http://..../en/2-ipod

with various ways to display.

The goal is that searching crawlers indexed category page only one and not all version of the page. Meta-tag with canonical exactly determined which one page version will be indexed and which other will be ignored.


Module in action:


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