eCard VUB for PrestaShop (card payments module)

PrestaShop payment module for accepting bank cards payments by eCard VUB (NestPay) gateway, provided by Vseobecna uverova banka, Inc..

Category Payments & Gateways
Compatibility PrestaShop 1.5.x - 1.6.x
Multistore support yes
Languages available english, slovak, czech
Installation guide yes
Platform Caleydon Group s.r.o.
Manufacturer Caleydon Group Inc.

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99,00 € per license

Note: 1 license = 1 domain
(unlimited use for the sub-domains, multistore and testing)

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Enquiry product

eCard VUB (NestPay)

eCard VUB (NestPay)

PrestaShop payment module for accepting bank cards payments by eCard VUB (NestPay) gateway, provided by Vseobecna uverova banka, Inc..

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eCard VUB payment gateway allows customers to place payment using VISA, VISA Electron, MasterCard, Maestro, Diners Club and American Express debit/credit cards for your purchases in your store for the benefit of your Vseobecna uverova banka business account. This module provides an encrypted communication between your PrestaShop store and the VUB website -

Module features

  • compatibility: PrestaShop 1.5.x - 1.7.x
  • Multistore (Multiple shops) feature supported
  • quick module installation
  • easy module setup
  • supported card types:
    • VISA
    • VISA Electron
    • MasterCard
    • Maestro
    • Diners Club
    • American Express
  • supported currencies:
    • Euro
    • US Dollar
    • Czech koruna
    • Hungarian Forint
    • Polish Zloty
  • available eCard VUB interface languages:
    • English
    • Slovak
  • security is provided by:
    • using 3-D Secure technology
  • module translations available: English, Slovak and Czech
  • automatic payment icon and card logos implementation into PrestaShop Front Office
  • payment icon position control via module administration (left / right column, product detail page)
  • the ability to set a target CMS page from eCard VUB icon
  • the ability to set a custom order statuses for successful and an unsuccessful payment

eCard VUB service implementation steps

  1. Sign contract with VUB bank for your e-commerce.
  2. Install, setup and test the eCard VUB module in your PrestaShop (see "Module installation and testing").
  3. Test the module - VUB providing testing credit cards for you.
  4. After this action is module ready to work in live environment.
  5. If any problem occurred, please contact module author.

eCard VUB service information

All current terms and conditions for eCard VUB service will give you Vseobecna uverova banka, Inc..
Please, go to Vseobecna uverova banka website:

Module installation and testing

  1. Upload folder "ecardvub" into /modules/ folder via FTP or use module upload tool in Back Office » Modules to upload module package.
  2. Install module in: Back Office » Modules
  3. Go into settings: Back Office » Payment » Payment modules list, and check the currency that you signed in the contract.
  4. Go into module settings and fill data provided by VUB:
    • Merchant ID
    • 3D security key
  5. Set "Working mode" option to "testing".
  6. Contact the bank employee and make the module testing.
  7. When testing will be successful set "Working mode" option to "live" and module is ready to work in live environment.
  8. While module installation the payment icon has been placed into product detail page of your eshop Front Office.
  9. If any problem occurred, check your settings data filled into module first. If problem still persist, contact module author.

Payment log

Module using "[PREFIX] _ecardvub_log" database table for storing the records about eCard VUB payments in your PrestaShop (no sensitive customer or card data). This table stay untouched if the module will be uninstall or removed.

Record listing is available in the eCard VUB module back office.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

I'd like to hide left / right column in eCard VUB module pages for Front office. Where and how can I adjust it?
Answer: Go into Back Office > Preferences > Themes, and click "Edit" button for current theme. Now you allowed to change displaying the columns for various store pages. Find "module-ecardvub-payment" and "module-ecardvub-validation" records for eCard VUB module and adjust displaying columns for your wish.


version 1.7.0 (12/31/2017)
    + initial release for PrestaShop 1.7.x (testing environment: PrestaShop
    + front office redesign for PrestaShop 1.7 Classic theme

version 1.6.0 (12/31/2017)
    x completely rewrited module code
    + added dual payment method: Order method selector (creating an order before or after the payment)
    + added new payment statuse "Awaiting GP WebPay payment"
    + added Order payment status selectors to freedom in pairing module statuses with PrestaShop built-in order statuses
    + added CMS page selector for icon destination link
    x fixed compatibility with "Advanced EU Compliance" module
    x changed the way to store private keys
    x improved testing mode
    x updated card payment logos
    x updated editable source file for card payment logos
    x updated module documentation
    x updated "Terms and conditions of use" document
    x improved the module code

version 1.3.0 (05/04/2017)
    + added payment URL for Ceska sporitelna
    + added compatibility with "Advanced EU Compliance" module
    x important: fix of RESULTTEXT and MD return parameters (parameters are not mandatory).
    x "img" and "css" folders moved into "views" folder
    x updated module documentation
    x moved validation script into "response" folder

version 1.2.1 (04/14/2017)
    + added correct payment URL for Slovenska sporitelna
    x fixed deprecated methods & class names for PHP 7
    x fixed URL's for SSL
    x minor code changes
    x updated module documentation
    x updated "Terms and conditions of use" document

version 1.2.0 (10/14/2016)
    + added new supported bank - Slovenska sporitelna a.s.
    x updated module documentation - added new way private key generation
    x moved validation.php into "response" folder
    x fixed private message (removed HTML elements) saved in the order
    x correction of Czech translation
    x fixed transaction record table & limited on 50 rows
    - removed application for generating kyes by old way

version 1.1.1 (08/01/2016)
    x changed length of Private key password field

version 1.1.0 (01/16/2016)
    + module compatibility for PrestaShop 1.6.x and 1.5.x
    + added Multi-store feature support
    + added payment icons and position control in module control panel
    + added selector for initial payment status
    + added payment records listing
    x updated available Bank and Currency list
    x redesign module Back office for PrestaShop 1.6.x
    x updated and improved module Documentation

version 1.0.0 (12/25/2012)
    + initial release for PrestaShop 1.4.x


    + added a new feature
    x fixed issue, updated feature
    - removed feature

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eCard VUB (NestPay)

eCard VUB (NestPay)

PrestaShop payment module for accepting bank cards payments by eCard VUB (NestPay) gateway, provided by Vseobecna uverova banka, Inc..

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