TrustPay PRO for PrestaShop (payment gateway)

PrestaShop payment module (multishop supported) for accepting online payments by TrustPay service (transfer in domestic bank, online payments and internal TrustPay transfers), also by personal card paysafecard and credit/debit card Visa and MasterCard (TrustCard).

More details

199,00 € / per license

Note: 1 license = 1 domain
(unlimited use for the sub-domains, multistore and testing)

  • Upgrade / latest version
  • PrestaShop 1.7.x
  • PrestaShop 1.6.x
  • PrestaShop 1.5.x
  • PrestaShop 1.4.x

TrustPay is a licensed slovak payment institution in accordance with the Payment Service Directive (2007/64/EC) based in Bratislava, Slovakia. TrustPay service allows to customer choose from multi-payment options and pay in your e-shop. This module provides an encrypted communication between your PrestaShop store and the TrustPay website -

Module features

  • compatibility: PrestaShop 1.4.x - 1.7.x
  • Multistore (Multiple shops) feature supported
  • quick module installation
  • easy module setup
  • automatic implementation of the corresponding new order statuses and e-mail notification templates into PrestaShop
  • automatic payment icon implementation into Front Office
  • option to display Slovak payment systems logos and types of credit cards in the list of payments in checkout
  • payment icon position control via module back office
  • languages available: English, Slovak, Czech

TrustPay PRO allows

  • transfers in domestic (Slovak) bank (*)
  • online payments (**)
  • internal transfers from TrustPay account
  • payments credit/debit cardu VISA and MasterCard (TrustCard)
  • payments by personal card paysafecard

* supported banks
Slovakia: Tatra banka, Slovenska sporitelna, VUB banka, CSOB, UniCredit Bank, SBERBANK, OTP banka, Postova banka, Prima banka, mBank, ZUNO, Fio banka
Czech republic: Ceska sporitelna, Komercní banka, Raiffeisen BANK, CSOB, SBERBANK, GE Money Bank, UniCredit Bank, Fio banka, mBank, air bank, Equa bank, ZUNO

Get more information about supported banks by TrustPay in other countries at

** supported online payments
TatraPay, SporoPay, ePlatby VUB, CSOBpay, Platba ONLINE, UniPlatba, OTPpay, SBERBANK WEBpay, mTransfer

Module installation & testing

  1. Upload folder "trustpay" into /modules/ folder via FTP or use module upload tool in Back Office » Modules to upload module package.
  2. Install module in: Back Office » Modules
  3. Go into module settings and set "TrustPay domestic bank payments" into "Enable - Testing mode (Sandox)" working mode.
  4. Setup your testing Account ID (AID) and Encryption key, which is available at following website after login:
  5. Go into settings: Back Office » Payment » Payment modules list, and check the same payment currency as you set im module settings.
    Don't miss: TrustPay inc. you provide two pairs of the credentials:
    Personal ID (PID) and Password - it is used to access the account on the test page:
    Account ID (AID) and Encryption key - it is used to setup your TrustPay module in PrestaShop Back-Office
  6. Make the module testing by creating an order and chosing TrustPay payment in your e-shop. (Note: Visa, MasterCard and paysafecard testing envirnoment is not available).
  7. If your testing is successfull, setup module into "Enable - Live mode" working mode. After this action will be module ready to work in live environment.
  8. While module installation the payment icon has been placed into product detail of you e-shop Front Office, also creating a new order statuses and uploading e-mail notification templates into your PrestaShop.
  9. If any problem occurred, check your settings data filled into module first. If problem still persist, contact author of the module.

Merchant testing application

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

What's the different between TrustPay LITE and TrustPay PRO edition module for PrestaShop ?
TrustPay LITE module allows transfers in domestic banks and online payments.
TrustPay PRO module allows additionally internal TrustPay transfers, payments by credit/debit cards VISA and MasterCard (TrustCard) and payments by paysafecard.

Id'd like to testing card payments - TrustCard a paysafecard. How can I do it?
TrustPay not providing testing environment for card payments. Please create testing product with amount 0.1 € (or in the other supported currency) and place an testing order in your eshop.

I'd like to hide left / right column in TrustPay module pages for Front office. Where and how can I adjust it?
Answer: Go into Back Office > Preferences > Themes, and click Edit for current theme. Now you are allowed to change displaying the columns for various store pages. Find the pattern "module-trustpay-xxxx" records for TrustPay module and adjust displaying columns as your wish.

TrustPay service implementation steps

  1. Sign contract with TrustPay, a.s. and get personal merchant ID and secret key for your e-commerce. Provide to TrustPay following notification URL's (if you are using SSL, replace http:// URL prefix by https://):

    Success return URL:
    Cancel return URL:
    Error return URL:
    Notification URL:
  2. Buy, install and setup TrustPay module.
  3. Make module testing.
  4. If any problem occurred, check your settings data filled into module first. If problem still persist, contact module author.
  5. If the testing was successful, module is ready to work in live environment.

TrustPay service information

All current terms and conditions for TrustPay service will give you TrustPay.
Please, go to TrustPay website:

CategoryPayments & Gateways
CompatibilityPrestaShop 1.4.x - 1.7.x
Multistore supportyes
Languages availableenglish, slovak, czech
Installation guideyes

version 1.7.0 (02/16/2017)
    + initial release for PrestaShop 1.7.x (testing environment: PrestaShop
    + front office redesign for PrestaShop 1.7 Classic theme
    + added Order payment status selectors
    x improved testing mode
    x fixed currency check function
    x updated module documentation
    x updated "Terms and conditions of use" document

version 1.6.8 (01/28/2017)
    + added automatic redirecting after creating an order (removed "Payment preparation" step)
    + added multi-currency payments support
    x terminated TrustPay LITE - no more two TrustPay versions
    x improved and simplifying module code

version 1.6.7 (12/15/2016)
    + added compatibility with "Advanced EU Compliance" module
    + added responsive feature for image icons
    x important: fixed payment validation process when the payment currency was not eshop default currency
    x fixed image CSS positioning
    x moved folders "css" and "img" into "views" folder
    x updated URL's on TrustPay website

version 1.6.6 (01/19/2016)
    x minor changes

version 1.6.5 (05/25/2015)
    x improved & unificated CSS to better working with 1.6.x themes
    x improved & fixed notification system
    x updated & unificated documentation
    x fixed payment notification bug
    x get correct cart ID and total order amount (Order::getCartIdStatic)
    x fixed payment icons align to center
    + added product detail icon position and set as default
    + added private messages formatting
    + added amounts comparison
    + added new payment icon position - in the product detail

version 1.6.4 (04/20/2015)
    x updated release - Merchant Integration Manual; version: 2.11 used
    x updated countries, currencies and languages list
    x changed testing URL's
    x updated module documentation
    x updated translations
    x updated merchant testing environment URL:
    + added new error codes: 1010, 1011
    - removed useless class "col-md-6" from payment.tpl

version 1.6.3 (06/30/2014)
    x rewritten signature generation process
    x improved validation process
    x fixed breadcrumb translations

version 1.6.2 (06/18/2014)
    x updated release - Merchant Integration Manual; version: 2.6 used
    + added Card info in private message to merchant
    + added a four "Awaiting" new order statuses and his email templates
    + added CardID, CardMask, CardExp, AuthNumber, CardRecTxSec, AcqResId and SIG2 parameter
    + rewritten payment process - first is oreder created and then make the payment
    x rewritten notification process - first is order created and then make the payment
    - removed 1.4.x order statuses compatibility

version 1.6.1 (05/29/2014)
    + module compatibility for PrestaShop 1.6.x
    + new module versioning containing a PrestaShop version
    + added payment logos switcher on checkout page
    x redesign module Back office for PrestaShop 1.6.x
    x updated and improved module Documentation
    x changed order statuses colors
    x redesign e-mail notification templates, including responsive feature

version 1.4 (11/17/2013)
    + updated czech translation

version 1.3 (07/27/2013)
    + updated release - Merchant Integration Manual; version: 2.0 used
    + added support for countries: Ukrainian and Turkey
    + added support EMA (customer e-mail address) parameter
    + added full English and Slovak documentation
    x changed payment and testing URL's

version 1.2 (21.06.2013)
    + TrustPay PRO version
    + TrustPay internal payment implementation
    + TrustCard payment implementation
    + paysafecard payment implementation

version 1.1 (04/04/2013)
    + updated release - Merchant Integration Manual; version: 1.9 used
    + added trustpay.css to design front-end pages
    x fixed Announced status icon
    + added e-mail templates auto-copy function [installation module]
        + added RES code #4 and #5
        x fixed RES code #1100

version 1.0 (12/22/2012)
    x rewritig module architecture for PrestaShop 1.5.x


    + added a new feature
    x fixed issue, updated feature
    - removed feature

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TrustPay PRO

TrustPay PRO

PrestaShop payment module (multishop supported) for accepting online payments by TrustPay service (transfer in domestic bank, online payments and internal TrustPay transfers), also by personal card paysafecard and credit/debit card Visa and MasterCard (TrustCard).

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